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1. What is an on-street bicycle route?
2. What is the background of the on-street bicycle routes?
3. What is the purpose of an on-street bicycle route network?
4. Where will the on-street bicycle routes go?
5. What will the signage be?
6. What do the numbers mean?
7. What other cities have designated on-street bicycle routes that connect to Plano?
8. What cities currently connect or will connect to Plano with on-street bicycle routes and/or multi-use recreational trails?
9. Which cities in North Texas have plans for on-street bicycle routes?
10. How can I plan a route?
11. What are the laws for bicycling on the streets?
12. What are the rules for bicycling on the multi-use recreational trails?
13. What bicycle repair shops are located in Plano?
14. What are the local cycling clubs in the Plano/North Texas area?
15. Who can I contact for more information?