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Room Rental

Library Spaces Available for Rent

Program and conference rooms are available for rent at all five Plano libraries. There is a two hour minimum for rentals and fees (listed below) are nonrefundable.

Library Room Rental Fees

Residents Nonresidents
Conference Room $15 per hour Conference Room $60 per hour
Program Room $25 per hour Program Room $75 per hour

Spaces Available for Rent

Library Rooms and Capacity
Davis Library Conference Room: 10
Program Room: 100
Haggard Library Program Room: 100
  Genealogy Program Room: 53
note: food not permitted
Harrington Library Program Room: 100
Parr Library Conference Room: 25
Program Room: 100
Schimelpfenig Library Program Room Capacity: 100
Capacity with Tables & Chairs: 40
Capacity with Chairs: 70
Conference Room Capacity: 18

Please note: Due to fire code regulations, these numbers cannot be exceeded.


  • Group or organization is responsible for setting up chairs, tables, etc, and replacing them where designated.
  • Equipment and supplies must be removed at end of reservation. The library will not store or be held responsible for any items left in the room.
  • Nails, thumbtacks, etc. cannot be used to attach decorations to the structure or to the furnishings.
  • Decorations may be used on the tables only. No candles are permitted.
  • Kitchen facilities are available for the program rooms in all libraries and food is allowed. 
  • There are no kitchen facilities for the conference rooms in all libraries and food is not permitted, except at Parr Library where already prepared refreshments are allowed in their conference room.
  • Alcoholic beverages and tobacco products are prohibited.
  • Only equipment using 110 volts is allowed.
  • The program / conference room must be vacated by the end of the scheduled time.

Library Room Rental Policy

Renters must first read and accept the PPLS Program Room Use Policy before reserving a space. Rental fees are nonrefundable and reservation of a room indicates acceptance of this policy.