Frequently Asked Questions

1.   Why do I see water coming out of a fire hydrant?

What days of the month and times of day can I currently water my lawn?

3.   When is garbage collection, recycling or bulky waste pick-up scheduled for my area?

4.   What steps are being taken by the City regarding the West Nile Virus?

5.   How long can I expect street construction to continue at a particular area?

6.   Where can I get information about my recreation center account?
You can call any recreation center or email
For login information or questions about a membership, class or camp, please email

7.   How do I reserve a park pavilion or athletic field?

Reserve a Pavilion
Reserve an Athletic Field  

8.  Who is responsible for screening walls, sidewalks, alleys and streets?

9.  How do I report a dog that consistently barks late at night?

10.  What should I do if I see a coyote or bobcat in the neighborhood?

11.  How do I obtain a police report?

Traffic Accident Reports
Other Police Reports:  Send request to

12. How do I pay a traffic citation or red light camera violation?

Traffic & Other Fines  
Red Light Camera  

13. How do I sign up to receive tornado warning alerts and other emergency information?

14How do I report a junk vehicle or other property standards issues?

15.  How do I obtain a library card?

16.  Please explain my water bill.

17.  What is required by the City when I install a water heater?

18.  How do I file a claim with the City?

See instructions and forms here.

19.  My streetlight is out.  Who do I call?

20.  Do I need a license to have a business in Plano?

Please phone our Building Inspections Department at (972) 941-5951 and review your specific plans with them.  You might need to acquire an occupancy permit. You should contact the Collin County Clerk’s Office by calling (972) 424-1460 ext. 4185 or logging on to to see if you will need to file an Assumed Name Certificate. You should also contact the State Comptroller’s Office regarding the need for a state sales tax certificate.  The Dallas office phone is (972) 792-5800 or see

21. Are temporary portable storage units allowed (i.e. PODS) in residential areas and if so, for how long?

Yes, you may place a temporary storage unit in your driveway for a maximum of 30 days.  Please note the unit cannot be placed in the public right-of-way, such as on the street or blocking a sidewalk.  

22. Is a permit required to sell alcohol in Plano?

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